nineteen : @Furdiburb for dummies

This post is base on one dsscussion about Furdiburb at his facebook fan page

Hope it can help 🙂

Please note that furdiburb is a PUZZLE GAME. This dummies guide will completely ruin the fun of figuring things out on your own. I’ve included a FAQ section for those of you looking for a quick answer. I urge you to try things out on your own before resorting to this guide. 🙂

Furdi burb starts out as an egg. The quickest way to hatch his egg is to throw it around, zap it with a passing cloud, rock it back and forth, drag a wind to it and let the cyclone help crack it, and/or put chicken mama on the egg. (But do be careful..once his head peeks out, take chicken mama off and toss her so she flies away, otherwise she could get eaten. Don’t worry about her flying away, she’ll be back on the roof when you come back)
Once he is fully hatched, you can feed him if he’s hungry. (He will look sad when he’s hungry.) There are three sprouts on furdis home screen. Drag a cloud to one of the sprouts and water it, once the cloud floats away you will see something “grow”.
Items that grow on sprouts
Hot dogs- edible
Mangasteen fruit (plum looking dealio) – edible
Pumpkin – edible
Strawberry- edible
Pink sushi (looks like a cupcake) – edible
Yellow sushi- inedible (rotten)
Squirrels- inedible
Squash- edible
Cheese- edible
Pineapple- edible
Dragon fruit- edible
Eggplant- edible
Pick whatever it is that grew (if edible) and feed it to furdi. Keep feeding him until he smiles. Furdi can eat alot!
If what you grew was inedible, simply pick it up and “long press” to store the item in your inventory. You can long press on furdi to gain access to your inventory.

Furdi will poo, at some point, you can long press on these to store them as well. The ice cream looking ones (looks like neopolitan icecream) are used to buy a potion from the owl.

To enter furdis house, or any house (the tree, the shell, or the castle) long press on the door.

The plant in furdis house is called a ginko. If it only has one leaf, its not because its sick, its because ginkos lose their leaves in the winter.

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with furdis home screen, drag your finger along the ground in either direction. There are more lands to visit! In one direction is the owls house in the dark woods, followed by a mysterious bridge. In the opposite direction you’ll find the statue of the twin sisters and a fountain, further is an empty land with rocks and then the sea, where you’ll find the crabs house. Past the crabs house and the beach is the recycling machine.

The crab sells potions that change furdis appearance, along with a free renewal potion that will revert furdi back to normal after you’ve given him one of the potions.
The owl sells potions that cure furdi of sickness, and also sells star potions. When you visit the owl, make sure you pick up one of the free potions. You’ll need this for star surfing.

To star surf, go to the land with the sister statues. Long press on furdi to get the potion out of his inventory. Place the potion in the sisters hand ( the one not already holding a bottle.) The fountain begins to swirl and sparkle. Toss your furdi into the fountain. He shoots up into the stars. Use your phone to steer him towards the stars to earn credits (money ) and climb higher. If furdi ends up in open space with no stars to propel him, he falls to the ground. After a short distance you’ll see a spinning vortex, aim for that and it gives you a speed boost. After three of those you should arrive on your first planet. Once there, you can take a break before going on.

The planets you jump are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
After the last planet will be the spaceship. (Once you reach this, it crashes. There’s nothing you can do about it until they update and fix it.)

The planets are just rest stops. You can’t do anything on them. The further you go, you’ll see different stars. These are worth more money.

Back on earth, there’s still the mysterious bridge. Hopefully on your way to the crab, you’ll have noticed a rock with a little plant on it and picked it up. This is on the land with boulders on each side. If not, you might want to! Head back to the owls place…you might notice some patches of clover grass. Try watering these and you’ll find they grow mushrooms. Store these away for later.

Once at the bridge you’ll notice 4 pillars. You’ll have to figure out the riddle to get across the bridge. Its pretty simple. You need earth, water, fire, air (not sure if this is the actual order in the game, but you get the idea) the water and wind are in the sky. The earth and fire are in your pocket…kind of. The earth is the rock. Fire is the mushroom. But you have to feed the mushroom to furdi, to light the fire.

Once you’ve figured the riddle out, a castle appears. Long press to enter and you’ll find the monks. They commend you for figuring out the puzzle and offer to sell you some furniture for furdis house. You can’t go into the hallway past the monks. The castle is only a furniture store.

Now, on to furdi care.
Furdi gets dirty. You have to wash him. To do this, take a cloud from the sky and place it over furdis head til it rains on him. Grab an aloe leaf ( in front of furdis house) and scrub the little guy down. Scrub until all the stink lines disappear. Then grab a wind from the sky to dry him. Always dry your furdi or he will get sick!!

If furdi gets sick he gets spots or plaid stripes. Look at the colors of the spots or stripes and go to the owl. Match the colors of furdis sickness to the colors of the potions.
*Potions list*
Chili potion- red and purple cures tummy aches.

Vitamin C- orange cures furdi of a cold from not being properly dried off.

Eye berry- pink and blue cures tummy aches from greedy eyes and eating ice cream looking poo. This doesn’t cost any credits, just an ice cream poo.

Free Star quest potion- is free from the owl and is given to the sisters statues to star jump.

$1000 star quest potion- given to the sisters so you can continue star jumping from the last planet you reached.

98 squirrels star quest potion- given to the sisters to bypass all planets and make it to the spaceship. (Which will crash, for now.)
The crab has three potions available now.
The cyclops potion turns furdi into a cyclops. The bottle will have an eye looking symbol on it.

The goth potion changes furdis antenna, gives him a piercing and a few spikes. The bottle will have a line with spikes on it.

The free potion has arrows on it, and reverts furdi to his normal appearance.

*The recycling machine*
To use the recycling machine, (which is past the beach land with the crabs house), you want to drag a cloud to the top of it where the globe is. It will start up (and Vibrate your phone). Then place 3 items in the glass tubes. After you’ve selected your items, press the red button. Something new will be created, or you’ll receive star credits ranging from 10 to thousands.
Here is a list of recipes to create new items. Thanks everyone for sharing recipes to help make this list.

(Please note! The mangosteen is the purple plum looking fruit. The dragon fruit is the fruit with spines. The eggplant is long and squash looking but is purple.
Also, to obtain an empty bottle, take a free star quest potion to the sisters and put it in the tallest sisters hands. Then remove it. This is your empty bottle. )

Earth (earth day, april)- two rocks, empty bottle.

Roast chicken (thanksgiving, november)- pumpkin, squash, eggplant.

Eyeball (halloween, october ) – renewal potion, cherry, pumpkin.

Jack o lantern (halloween, october) – empty bottle, rock, pumpkin.

Heart (valentines day, february) – strawberry, cherry, mangosteen.

Broken heart (valentines day, february) – strawberry,cherry, large brown poo.

Gingerbread man (christmas, december) -Squirrel, cheese, squash

Chocolate (or boston cream) pie- pineapple or eggplant, squash, hot dog.

Pumpkin pie- 3 pumpkins

Strawberry jam- empty bottle, strawberry, broken heart. (Or another strawberry)

Honey- pineapple, squash, empty bottle.

Icecream sundae- 2 ice cream poo’s and a strawberry.

Strawberry cheesecake-strawberry, cheese, hot dog

Cupcake-star quest potion, pineapple, cherry.

(for reference, the renew potion is sold by crab and is free, the star quest potion is sold by the owl and is also free.)

Rainbow antenna- renew potion, star quest potion, mangosteen.

Pink bow-renew potion, star quest potion, strawberry

Furdi shampoo- 2 free star quest potions and any poo.

Purple starry eyes potion- two renewal potions, one star quest potion.

Green starry eyes potion-renewal potion, orange elixir, star quest potion.

Blue Bow-renewal potion, eggplant, star quest potion.

Bed-strawberry, cherry, dragon fruit.

Cherry painting- three cherries

Green lamp shade- 3 empty bottles

Strawberry rug- 3 strawberries

Red and white pot for the ginko- two star potions, cherry.

Other items:
Chicken momma returns- roast chicken, heart, broken heart.

Radish- 3 squash

Chili pepper-3 dragon fruit
(Note: the chili pepper will cause furdi to produce fire just like the fire mushroom that grows in front of the owls house.)

Sleepy Taro root-squash, eggplant, star quest potion.
(Note: the sleepy taro root looks like a little purple vegetable critter. It is to be fed to furdi. This will put furdi to sleep. Tap on him to wake him from his nap)

Skunk- two squirrels, brown medium poo.
(Note: the skunk will make furdi stinky if it is fed to him.)

Ham-3 squirrels, or 3 hot dogs, or rotten sushi, hot dog, squirrel.

Cauliflower- pineapple, eggplant, empty bottle.

Broccoli- pineapple, mangosteen, renewal potion.

Rotten cheese-squirrel, cheese, eggplant

Watermelon- pumpkin, mangosteen, renewal potion.

Note:there are seasonal items that grow on the sprouts for holidays. there is also seasonal poo that only shows up randomly during holiday months.
Ie roses in his poo for valentines day.
Shamrocks in his poo for St patricks day.
holly berries in his poo for christmas.

You can save all these seasonal items if you wish. I’ve been told, so far, all seasonal items (except poo) are edible.

The FAQ!

What do I do if furdi is sick?
Match the colors of his stripes or spots to the potions color that the owl sells. Or keep in mind that if you feed furdi something bad, give him lavender chili potion. If you left him wet after bathing him, give him the orange potion. If you find an icecream poo with a bite out of it, give him the eyeball potion.

Why is furdi always sad?
Because you’re not feeding him until he smiles.

What is chicken momma for?
Currently, she is only good for hatching.

How do I make money?
By starjumping at the sisters statue with the free potion from owl.

How do I fix the spaceship?
This will be addressed in the next update. Furdi creators have said that the ship will be fixed in stages.. the first stage will be the next update

How do I get the spaceship? By star jumping all five planets or buying the potion from the owl that costs 98 squirrels. Do NOT feed this potion to furdi. Put it in the statue as if you would when star jumping.

How do I solve the monks riddle?
If you’re talking to the monk, you’ve already solved the riddle.

How do I solve the element puzzle?
Earth- the rock, fire- the fire shroom or a chili fed to furdi by the pillar. Water- a cloud, air- a wind whirl from the sky.

What is this poo with a shamrock, rose, berry, etc in it for?
Its just for seasonal fun. Collect them all!

What is the earth for?
Earth day. Seasonal. Food.

What does a mangosteen look like?
A plum.

What does a dragon fruit look like?
Spikey. Red and yellow.

What does an eggplant look like?
Long and purple.

Where do I get an empty bottle?
From the sisters statue after star jumping and removing the bottle.

How do I star jump?
Go to owl. Get the free potion. Take it to the sisters statue. Put it in the tallest sisters hands. Toss furdi in and he flies. Tilt your phone to steer and aim for the stars to collect money.

What are those whirly galaxy things I see while star jumping?
They give furdi a boost and make him go fast.


124 thoughts on “nineteen : @Furdiburb for dummies

  1. well i am not trying to be rude but i think you should maake another one of these for the update they recentally did and include how to get stuff like red mushrooms and other stuff and the new riddle

  2. What is the yellow and black box for that u get from the music guy? Is there anything u can do with the fish that u catch? And I made a puple what looks to b a lite bulb that I made with 2 renewal potions and a purple bug know what I can do with that?

    1. The box you get from the robot is a relic, if you go outside the robots home you will see a dome looking thing, drag Furdi into this. Once you get inside, take the relic and put it in the empty box to the left.
      The lightbulb is to fix the Space ship once you get it. To find out how to get the spaceship ^ Read the Dummies Guide.
      Welcome(: Hope it helps.

    2. Yellow andblack box with loopingarrows: like all other reliccs put furdi in the dome and put the relic inside the box and play agame
      although you have to make your own game with loopinf arrow relic since it gives you no prize it just keepscontinuously playinng until ejection.
      purplelight bulb: idk what its called but it goes on theback of your spaceship the new updatehas made it so th spaceshi comes reallyearlyso put the bul on there.
      Fish:can befor fun but buy a ligghtning fast rod and throwfood then pull it up wen your line wiggles like crazy. You can get fish or trash. Dont give up. If you get the purple angler fish then you throw it on line and catch the kracken. After a little bit kracken will Eat furdi THIS IS NORMalAL!
      PICK UP TE TOOTH AND oops caps an click the pink thing at back of throught then go get 2 strquest potions from owl and go to factry and turn it on. Then place tooth and both star quest potions a hit button you will get a winshield for your ship.

      1. thanks for your comment before, Jessie. healthy potions are on the owl’s house. it depends of the sickness. if the furdi’s color become orange, give him the orange elixir. if the furdi’s becomes pink and orange, give him a pink-purple potion. hope it will help 🙂

    1. Yes you can use 1 of the plants from furdis home planet the one that looks like a venus fly trap. Balls coming out of it …makes him very happy hearts come off of him and it cures him of all illnesses and also fills him up.

      1. from home, you should hold the right arrow for three times. home – owl’s house – earth,wind,fire,water castle – and after that you will find a dome with the hills and parabolic antenna. behind the yellow dome, you will see the small brown door. hold it and you will find the robot. 😀

  3. idk how to play the music game, i figured everything else out on my own… why is this puzzle so hard for me? i know to put the rock in there… but why am i not progressing? 911…

    1. Make a square in each colom light up the push play button if there is an arrow pointing down pick a lower square for that note if arrow points up pick a higher share for that note.

  4. when you play furdiburb on a pandigital tablet, you cannot shake it when starjumping (like on a phone, understand?) to make him go from side to side…. It is just a flat screen and we are only able to jump straight up. Is there any hope for us to ever reach a planet without this feature? I have the spaceship, which is now crashed, etc., but we cannot get to any planet???? help! Is this an app that solely works for phones then. Also my son and I feel like idiots, the music room puzzle we do not know how to work it—do you copy the tune and is this another feature that will only work with a ‘movable screen’?????

    1. Hey momma, isn’t it nice our kids picked the game but we got sucked in?! No clue about the compatibility of your device but for star surfing, does your tablet let you control Cursing by tilting the device left and right? There’s no need to land on planets so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. In the music room, you place the relic in the open space on left. This will cause a tune to play. You then recreate the tune with those small boxes, one note per column. It will give you hints to find the right note, IP and down arrows indicate if your high or low but there are only so many hints available so eventually instead of arrows you’ll get an X. Now solving the puzzles is something I’m still trying to figure out. So far the easiest for me was the Nightingale relic found in space. I think that’s the only relic you have to solve for a spaceship part.

    1. You have to get the relic with music note on it from space. Then put relic in music room to solve the song puzzle. Once you do, the relic will now have color, take it to the sad bird in Boomy Woods. Play the relic and the bird flies off leaving you a feather.

    1. for fishing, you should change the antenna by using the potion. you can buy it on the crab’s house. after that drag the furdi to the small island behind the crab’s house. then go to the inventory by holding furdi’s body. take one food on furdi’s hook antenna. i suggest you to use the yellow sushi. 🙂

    1. 1. You are suppose to water the new plant in front of the gypsy’s house
      & collect the mushrooms.
      2. Then go to the robots house and water the plant outside, nothing will grow-so it seems.
      3. Eat the gypsy mushroom; then, place furdbi on the mole hole.
      4.You may now pluck that purple sleeping strawberry.
      5. If u put it on ur crop the mole will stay asleep forevermore.
      On the whole zzz

    2. go to the factory and put in this recipe eggplant+squash+starquest, it will crate a little purple creature…place that where u would normally plant the seed once he takes it it’ll put him to sleep. 🙂

    1. You need a mushroom from outside the gypsy trailer. Water the plant outside the music room, eat mushroom which shrinks you. Now that you’re tiny, drop yourself in the hole next to the plant you just watered. Once underground pick the purple root. Take the root to the farm and make yourself tiny again. Drop yourself in the mole hole there and feed the purple root to mole. This will make him go to sleep so you can grow seeds. Phew what a mouthful!

  5. hi i have the spaceship but i carnt fix it. also i need to no how you get rid of the mole and were is the music puzzle everyone on about oh and how do you get the bird to stop cryin. i cant do any thing on it help!!

  6. FOR THE MOLE : You have to water the plant infront of the gypsies house and get it. Go infront of the robots house and water the plant there, use the plant you got infront of the gypsies place and eat it. drag furdi to the hole and get the taro. Plant the taro infront of the barn, and the mole will eat it. Then it’ll fall into deep sleep. Then you could plant your seeds without the mole eating it 🙂 Hope it helped. 😀

  7. how do i get furdi out of the underground?? i jumped in to get the sleepy taroroot but i can’t get him out! HELP

  8. I really need to know about the spaceship parts. How do I get the windshield and the circle deally?? I’m do confused and need/want help!!!

  9. Hi Im just starting out and I can’t get to the farm or the junky bot thing I keep seeing other people who have it and stuff idk but I just have the furdiburb lite is there a full version????? Please help me!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!! 🙂

    1. First you gotta get a full lightbulb intena by catching fireflies in the swamp then you get a chilli and feed it to the dragon inside the volcano

    1. Bed-strawberry, cherry, dragon fruit.

      Cherry painting- three cherries

      Green lamp shade- 3 empty bottles

      Strawberry rug- 3 strawberries

      Red and white pot for the ginko- two star potions, cherry.

  10. Hello All,,,,,I need a little help ….How do i catch fireflies?…I have a light and went to the swamp,got on the lilly pad…went left and right…nothing….no fireflies,,,no nothing…what do i do…..Thanks

    1. sis, mintol ajarin caranya mbenerin spaceshipny furdi 😦
      aq dah nemuin 4 item,
      kykny tinggal yg kaca pecah itu.
      harus beli starquest deep space dulu kah?
      thx alot

  11. Ok so everyone is asking about th spaceship. I finished the game so i know everything. I will keep commeting randomly and so you know its my commet it will be from furdiexpertgirl.

  12. do u know what the white ish things with a wrap around them are on the home screen when u water the flowers? can I use these for fishing?

  13. ok i got the bird tears and went to the moon got a rock with a bird symbol.. NOw what i thought that was so the bird wouldnt be sad but i cant figure out what to do with the rock


    This game is a little complicated to explain, so let me tell you step by step what to do.


    1. Put the relic in the box under the play button and then press the play button.
    2. Select the entire 1st row of scares going across your screen and press the play button.
    3. If arrows pointing downwards show up, select the square under, and repeat the process by playing play.
    4. If the square turns yellow, LEAVE IT ALONE.
    5. Do this until one square is yellow on in each column.
    6. Complete ALL the levels for that relic.
    7.Collect the feather at the end.

    (I play on Kindlefire, if that matters.)

  15. To get nightingales song you have to get the empty bottle from the owl that is next to the star quest potion Ann put the bottle that is empty under nightingale and collect her tears at least 5 then go back inside where the owl is and get the potion with the moon on top and then take the potion to the pool and then put it in the sister hand were there is no potion and throw furdiburb into the fountain and get to the moon we’re there is something floating around the moon that is nightingales song that is lost as “far as the moon ” click on it and collect her song then free fall back down to earth go to the junk yard and go to marc and solve the puzzle to get her song

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  17. You must edit the purple starry eyes potion!!! When I tried it i got GREEN eyes! I want the purple oneN please do something with that recipe.

  18. first you get the collection flask. then you put it under the bird and collect a tear. next you
    get the moon mission potion (both from the owl).finally you put the potion in the star quest statue and go to the moon.and grab the relic.

  19. oh. i forgot. then you take the relic to the cage and go in it and put the relic in the slot on the left and solve the puzzles ( make you have the volume on. it helps).then take the music note to the bird and give it to her. then take the feather to the recycling machine and put the feather,a strawberry,and a cherry in the machine and you get the A.I. CORE. you take that to the space ship.then¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡DDDOOONNNEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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